Sunday, 29 March 2009


Hi all!

This is the first post to this new blog, so I suppose I'd better introduce myself.

My name is Paul Mitton, I'm 55, and I live in England. I used to write quarter of a century ago, getting as close to being published as having the same novel rejected by three different publishers with three completely different sets of (extensive) changes. In disgust I gave up writing and took courses in computer programming, becoming variously an analyst programmer, 3rd level desktop and network support, IT contractor on data migration projects and so on.

I spent 25 years in the wastes of IT before coming back to writing, this time mainly film scripts, though I have just finished the first draft of a horror novel.

I now work in a college of Further Education, where I run a study centre (part library, part stationery store, part IT suite), develop multimedia learning resources (movie clips, Flash, PowerPoint, interactive quizzes using Hot Potatoes etc.) and provide IT support on an ad hoc basis. I am also taking a Cert Ed course, specializing in Adult Literacy.

During the summer, together with my co-director in Blind Samurai Films Ltd, Dr. Roger Cottrell, I will be delivering two week-long workshops in script writing and film entrepreneurship. We will also be producing a pilot film for one of our fictions (we only do horror, science fiction and action thrillers), and producing a couple of short films in collaboration with various local colleges of FE - Hereford, Worcester and Kidderminster.

I'm an active member and contributor to Goodreads, and will be maintaining this blog fairly regularly, so watch this space!