Friday, 3 April 2009

Romantic interest 6


It is too late for Rhian to go home. She spends the night snuggled up to Gaz, just sleeping.

The next morning…

When she came downstairs, breakfast was almost ready. She had dressed again, and seemed oddly shy, as if unsure of the reception she'd receive.

"You've shared my bed and my toothbrush," I said, "so it seems only right that you share my breakfast as well."

I removed any lingering awkwardness by giving her a hug, planting a quick kiss on her mouth.

"Good morning," I said. "You look good in the morning."

She blushed.

"I feel good," she said. "Better than I have in a long time."

I pulled a seat out for her at the drop leaf table and watched in pleasure as she stowed away bacon, egg and toast, washed down with several mugs of tea.

She glanced at the clock as she finished off the last piece of toast.

"I have to go to work in a minute," she said.

"Yes, where do you work?" I asked. "You didn't say much about yourself last night. Well, I suppose you didn't really get much of a chance, did you?"

She put her hand on mine.

"I'll tell you all about me the next time we get together." She put her hand to her mouth in shock. "Oh, God, I didn't mean to sound clingy, or possessive. There will be a next time, won't there?"

I squeezed her hand.

"Of course there will," I said quietly. "I hope there'll be a lot of other times. And thank you, Rhian. For being my friend, for listening to me, for staying with me. I'd like to think that we could be more than friends, in time."

She surprised me by laughing.

"Gaz, I've always been half in love with you."

I gaped at her. She laughed again.

"You mean you didn't know?" she asked.

"No," I said blankly. "I had no idea."

"I'm only sorry that it's taken us twenty years to get that out in the open," she said. "I know we didn't exactly waste those years, but still…" She blushed again. "Oh, and I work in the library."

They are now a couple. All that remains is for the relationship to get physical, but I'll leave that to your imagination… :)

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